Saucers' guitarist Lee Harris talks Syd Barrett with Willie Wilson's & David Gilmour's help
Written by Matt   
Monday, 16 January 2023

Syd Barrett smilingLee Harris, who plays guitar in, and came up with the concept of, Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets, was recently approached by Syd Barrett's nephew, Ian Barrett, to write a short piece about a favourite song of Syd's, and to talk about what it means to him. That song turned out to be Here I Go, which was recorded on April 17th, 1969, and appeared on The Madcap Laughs, Syd's first solo album.'s Story Behind The Song added Lee's thoughts on the day that would have been Syd's birthday. Lee talks about why the song is a significant one for him, and why he chose it for the website's feature, noting that he found it "a funny, charming and, for Syd, conventional song that is probably quite the opposite to what most people think of when they think of him".

Lee goes into some detail on the origins, and the recording of the song, in the article. Adding to the interest and illumination of the song, Lee got in contact with Willie Wilson, who played drums with David Gilmour in Jokers Wild (and later, alongside Nick Mason on The Wall tour). Willie then fills in some information that hasn't been public knowledge before.

Whilst writing the piece, and in light of Willie's comments, Lee asked David Gilmour about it, who double checked the multi-tracks and added his own comments about the creation of the track.

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