Nick Mason interview with Dream Theater's drummer
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Sunday, 24 December 2006
rhythm 0107 It was recently revealed that Nick Mason was to be interviewed by a guest editor for the UK drumming magazine "Rhythm". Mike Portnoy, who drums for Dream Theater (the band that recently released a DVD of their live version of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon) is the guest editor, and the magazine has now hit the stores in the UK.

Portnoy said: "I [was] honored to have been asked to play 'guest editor' for this upcoming issue and I was given the opportunity to pick four drummers to interview that were influences on me and help shape me as a drummer in my formative years.

"The four guys I ended up choosing were Neil Peart, Nick Mason, Bill Bruford and Lars Ulrich. (For those of you knowing my love for THE BEATLES and wondering...yes I did have Ringo on my initial list as well, but Rhythm had just recently done a piece with him, so he was scratched off...)

rhythm 0107"All four guys were totally accomodating, totally cool and totally happy to be on board for the project.

On his interview with Nick: "Next up was Nick Mason who was in town to play 'Dark Side of the Moon' live with Roger Waters. I met with him in his dressing room at Madison Square Garden and we chatted for about an hour about stuff ranging from Syd Barrett to performing 'The Wall' live.

"After we did a photo session together (as I did with Neil as well, by the way), he invited me up to the stage to sit with him at his kit for souncheck. I must admit it was a pretty surreal experience sitting up there with him and Roger while they ran through 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' and 'Comfortably Numb'. Once again, the fanboy in me struck as I just had to have Nick and Roger sign my vinyl copy of 'The Wall' it is my favorite album of all time!"

The interviews with Neil Peart and Bill Bruford are particularly interesting, but the main event for Floyd fans is the chat with Nick.

In his section, he talks of his early musical influences, and how he came to be the drummer of the band. With the proximity of his guest performance of the piece with Roger, naturally Dark Side was a big topic of the conversation. Nick compares the live renditions with what finally ended up cut into the vinyl.

He also talks about the various leaderships of the band (and says "Me next, by the way!"), about the passing of Syd earlier this year, the Live8 reunion, and touches on the footage which exists of The Wall concerts.

The magazine hit the UK stores on December 20th, and the magazine is also available in selected countries as an import. For mail order enquiries, please call (UK number) 0870 837 4773.

Our thanks to Louise, editor of Rhythm, for her help.

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