David Gilmour collaborates with Donovan for two tracks on new album
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 26 November 2022

Donovan has released a collaboration with David Gilmour, Rock Me, ahead of next week's release of a new album, Gaelia. Variety.com is hosting the exclusive premiere of the music video, which is embedded below.

Donovan, the folk-rocker who rose to fame in the 1960s, told Variety how he came to have Gilmour on two tracks — the second of which is titled Lover O' Lover — for the new album.

Donovan told Variety: "David and I chatted about how he had bought my cottage in the '60s when I married Linda and moved on. Why, I asked? He said my album track Three Kingfishers, off my Sunshine Superman album of 1966, had launched him in a celestial music direction, and so when I was selling my cottage, where so many of my songs were written, he wanted to be in my creative space. Makes sense in a Floyd sort of way.

"David had already learned to fly (he wrote a song about it, too ) and flew himself in to Ireland for the session. David brought his guitar roadie, who set up two amps in the studio, handed David his pink Strat, and his unique signature sound enthralled us all."

The song can be streamed on all major DSPs through this link, and for those who want to have a physical version of the album, you can get this unsigned, signed, and signed and dedicated, through Donovan's website.