Familiar voice heard on Floyd inspired new music
Written by Matt   
Friday, 12 August 2022

Bjorn Riis, a long time friend of Brain Damage, and the guy who runs the excellent Gilmourish.com website, which focuses on David Gilmour's sound and equipment, is an accomplished musician in his own right, and at the end of next month, releases a four track EP, A Fleeting Glimpse, which includes a familiar sounding vocalist.

His new new single, Dark Shadows (part 1), features long-time Pink Floyd backing vocalist Durga McBroom on vocals; the track will appear on the EP, which will be released on September 30th. He told us: "My goal has been to write original material and trying to capture an authentic Floyd vibe without actually copying or doing covers. I’m performing lead vocals and guitars."

Riis is a founding member of the highly successful Norwegian progressive rock band Airbag. With his new EP, he said: "This is a work of passion. It's a chance for me to go back to my musical roots and pay a respectful homage. All four songs could easily have fitted on one of my albums but there is a seamless Pink Floyd vibe in all of them." The new music is said to capture the essence of Pink Floyd, from the mellow psychedelic soundscapes of the early 70s to the bombastic stadium rock of the 80s and 90s.

"I wanted to make it sound authentic, using gear and sounds that Pink Floyd would employ on a certain song or album. It really took me back to when I started to play guitar and experiment with tone and sounds." Apart from Durga McBroom, other guest appearances feature Arild Brøter, from Norwegian prog band Pymlico, on drums and Per Øydir on Farfisa organ.

If the taster, below, tempts you, you can order A Fleeting Glimpse at KarismaRecords.no.