Pink Floyd's A Great Day For Freedom 2022
Written by Matt   
Friday, 22 July 2022

Pink Floyd - Hey, Hey, Rise Up sleeveLooking online, and going by some of the emails we've received here at Brain Damage, there seems to be a bit of confusion in some quarters over the credits for A Great Day For Freedom 2022, the new version on the physical, 7" and CD single release of Pink Floyd's Hey Hey Rise Up, which has been released to raise funds for Ukraine Humanitarian Relief. We've had it confirmed by Pink Floyd management that the credits on the single are 100% correct. The piano was re-done, the main synth was from David Gilmour's original demo, and the backing vocalists were added on to replace the orchestra.

For those who haven't seen them yet, here are the credits:
- David Gilmour: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
- Nick Mason: Drums
- Richard Wright: Keyboards
- Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine, Durga McBroom: Backing vocals

We hope this information helps clarify what the situation is with this new version of A Great Day For Freedom, in particular, the personnel on it.