Pink Floyd: The Animals Tour - new Glenn Povey book
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Pink Floyd: The Animals Tour - new Glenn Povey bookWith Pink Floyd’s 10th studio album Animals marking its 45th anniversary this year, acclaimed Pink Floyd expert and writer (and creator of Brain Damage magazine, the forerunner to this website), has been busy documenting both the history of the recording of the album and the supporting tours which remains one of the most fascinating periods in Pink Floyd’s history.

The album, of course, was released around 10 years on from their psychedelic debut that launched the band on to the world stage, but couldn't have been much more different. The three central pieces, Pigs (Three Different Ones), Dogs and Sheep each extending to over 10 minutes each drew parallels with George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare Animal Farm” Its lyrics continued to project Roger Waters’ eternal themes of life’s struggles where the subservient masses are sheep controlled by tyrannical pigs and authoritarian dogs.

Recorded over the summer of 1976, in the space of time it took punk to both explode and promptly fizzle out, at their own Britannia Row studios in north London, it also marked a shift from their traditional base of EMI at Abbey Road. The album holds a fond place in many fans hearts and Animals has enjoyed a legacy – Roger Waters in particular reviving those tracks to shoehorn into his own politically charged live solo shows in recent years.

The corresponding tour through the first half of 1977 was also not without compromise and built on the stadium spectacular that had been successfully developed over the previous two years of touring. Creatively, there was no limit to their ambition as large-scale inflatable structures, screen films, special effects and state of the art sound reinforcement were utilized that enveloped the audience in an ever-increasing immersive experience. But, despite all this, as their fan base increased exponentially so too did the rowdy nature of the stadium environment which, coupled with band members personal issues, ultimately led to inter-band rifts and Roger Waters’ increasing intolerance of and disdain towards the adulation of the fans.

This all finally came to a spectacular head during their final show of the Animals tour in Montreal in July and the events that unfolded became the lynchpin of Waters’ vision of isolation and madness that eventually led to the creation of The Wall two years later.

If “Pink Floyd – The Animals Tour – A Visual History” is anything like the other books by Glenn, it should be an essential, and very well researched book that all Floyd fans should enjoy. It can be purchased through There are three different editions - the standard hardback, a signed hardback, and a "deluxe edition" which comes with a range of reproduction memorabilia.