Pink Floyd's Echoes - new Mojo Magazine takes a close look
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 13 January 2022

Mojo Magazine, March 2022 front coverThe new issue of the UK's Mojo Magazine (cover date March 2022, issue number 340) includes a feature - "Echoes Then And Now" - focused on Pink Floyd's masterpiece.

In their preview of the issue, Mojo notes that "fifty years since he helped write the song that lit Floyd’s future path, Nick Mason is taking Echoes on the road. But will Roger Waters join him this time?" Their feature promises an in-depth look at the piece, and knowing how Mojo's articles are normally written, it should be a detailed and accurate feature on Echoes.

Elsewhere in the magazine, amongst a wide range of other things, and subject of the cover photo, there's a piece in honour of the recently departed Michael Nesmith of the Monkees – and with the help of an exclusive new Micky Dolenz interview, they celebrate the group once dubbed the Prefab Four and explore the insanity of their 60s rise and fall. Also in the issue is Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder (with a tribute from his friend, Pete Townshend), a look at Al Green's anthemic Let’s Stay Together, also celebrating its 50th, a Mick Rock feature, Dusty Springfield, Van Der Graaf Generator, and much more.

Always a great read, the magazine is due to arrive in UK stores around now, and will be available in selected locations worldwide as an import, in due course. Alternatively, you can order (worldwide) online through the GreatMagazines website which is owned and run by the publishers of Mojo.