Gerald Scarfe shows his Art Of Pink Floyd The Wall book to Brain Damage visitors!
Written by Matt   
Friday, 24 December 2021

Gerald Scarfe - The Art Of Pink Floyd The Wall hardback book 2021Following a slight delay to its originally announced publication date, The Art Of Pink Floyd The Wall is now available and shipping to those who have already ordered it. This is a beautiful new, 288-page hardback book, in landscape format housed within a cardboard sleeve (shown to the right) that reveals a huge amount of rare and previously unseen sketches, paintings and more, created by Gerald Scarfe principally for The Wall project, but also includes earlier materials, for Wish You Were Here and Animals, for example. It is an expensive book, but the work involved bringing together the breadth of material within, and the quality of its presentation, help to justify the price tag - and it is completely different to any previous books on Scarfe's artwork for the Floyd.

From the first ideas for The Wall, through to the finished images that we are all familiar with, there's such a wealth of material that steadily progresses through the album/film/concert staging, that you can quickly feel quite overwhelmed with the amount that Scarfe clearly created during his time on this project. And, for the first time, an incredible amount of that work has been revealed.

Our review of The Art Of Pink Floyd The Wall is worth checking out if you are interested in the book.

However much you think you know The Wall, and Scarfe's artwork for it (and earlier Pink Floyd projects), this book will reveal far more than you could imagine. One wonders if there was anything left in his archive that wasn't included? That's not a criticism, but a note of thanks for bringing in so many early sketches and ideas to sit alongside finished designs and images.

This is a truly incredible book that will appeal equally to Pink Floyd fans, to Scarfe enthusiasts, and to those interested in production design for film and concert stage.

This really is an exemplary collection of Scarfe's work for the band, and the image reproduction throughout is top notch. Yes, it has a hefty price tag, but putting together a book like this was never going to be a quick and cheap affair. Some retailers are offering discounts thus reducing the price a little.

As a special exclusive treat, Gerald had this video shot especially for Brain Damage, so you get a feel for what the book includes, and the format it comes in. Thanks Gerald!

For those who would like to add this incredible book to their Floydian bookshelves, you can order it through the following links. Ordering through our links also helps with BD's ongoing running costs, and we really appreciate it: Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy. Some stores might not yet have the book available to order (at time of writing this, and Canada still don't list the book) so please keep checking back as it should be available from all stores, soon. If your chosen store doesn't stock it, try other Amazon stores as they will ship books worldwide.

There is another option if you can wait until 3rd November 2022 - a paperback version of the book is due for publication then. You can order it now from UK retailer WH Smith, and we'll also add links for Amazon stores once they list this correctly. Amazon's current listings show a paperback version as currently available, BUT that's an error, as it is an older book and not The Art Of Pink Floyd The Wall!