New issue of Italian/English Floyd fanzine Heyou now available
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 11 November 2021

Heyou Pink Floyd fanzine issue 37Just published is the latest issue (number 37 - cover date November 2021) of the Pink Floyd fanzine "Heyou" run by our friends over at the Italian website of the same name. The 52-page dual language magazine (in Italian and English), which is published every six months or so, catches up with things in the Floyd world.

The magazine starts with an interesting, 21 page analysis of The Final Cut, via a piece written by Loudersound that brings in various comments made in interviews over the years, and this is presented with some familiar, and some not so familiar, images and pictures of releases from various countries.

Turning the clock back, the magazine then celebrates 51 years of Atom Heart Mother, via a not totally complimentary article by Sputnikmusik and some interesting pictures, including posters, promotional items and suchlike.

Also in the magazine is the third and concluding part of a detailed article looking at the run of Wall concerts in 1980/1981, focusing on exactly what happened during the shows. The article was put together in conjunction with Vernon Fitch, a name familiar to many of you as a Floyd fan with an encyclopaedic knowledge. The article is illustrated with some very interesting photographs of the concert, tickets, passes, and more.

The final section of the magazine is normally devoted to the latest news. Now, there hasn't been too much of that over the months since the last issue was printed, but a surprising omission nonetheless. As regular visitors to BD will attest, there ARE still things going on, tour dates being announced, releases happening, and exhibitions opening! Instead, though, there are reviews of five recently published books, which give a flavour of each and should help guide prospective purchasers to whether each book is worth investing in. The books covered are Pink Floyd A Brescia, Pink Floyd Live Tour In Japan 1971-1988, Chris Hewitt's Development Of Large Rock Sound Systems, Pink Floyd - The Rob Verhorst Archives, and the exhibition catalogue/book for the Mark Fisher Drawing Entertainment event. They concurred with Brain Damage with their praise for the latter four in the list, but weren't impressed with the first of the books (one that we've not seen ourselves).

More details of the Heyou fanzine can be found at, where you can get individual copies, and subscription enquiries (four issues costing 35 euros within Europe, and 45 euros outside Europe) should go to  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it - make sure you mention Brain Damage when you write!