The Dark Side Of The Moon - back at number one in UK charts!
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 29 May 2021

Dark Side Of The Moon back at number 1However good an album is, one tends to expect a healthy showing in the charts around the time of release, and then, a gradual drop (or in some cases, a sudden plummet!) down the charts and often out, not to bother the chart again. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule...

Pink Floyd's 1973 opus, The Dark Side Of The Moon, is well known for many reasons, not least for the amount of time it has spent on the album charts in regions around the world. This week though, it has proved itself still capable of springing a surprise! In the Official UK Charts, and specifically in the Rock and Metal Album Chart, it has returned to the top spot!

More than that, it has been joined by four other Floyd releases in the top spots. Here's where the five Pink Floyd albums can be found in this week's Top 30 chart:

    #1 - The Dark Side Of The Moon
    #5 - Wish You Were Here
    #17 - Delicate Sound Of Thunder
    #23 - The Wall
    #26 - Animals

Quite an impressive showing, especially as four of the five albums in the Top 30 are from the 1970s! We suspect that the success of the Delicate Sound Of Thunder reissue has resulted in fans seeking out older, studio albums to fill essential gaps in their record collections.