New music from Harry Waters
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 29 May 2021

As with others with enforced time on their hands, Harry Waters (son of Roger, of course) who most of you will know from things like touring in Roger's band for some fifteen years, has been keeping himself busy.

For those who aren't aware of his own work, Harry has been much in demand both for performing with other musicians (including David Gilmour, Eddie Vedder, Nick Cave and Marianne Faithfull) but for his TV, film and advertisement music. He also has a band with Larry John McNally who a number of you will have seen touring with Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets - indeed, the video below (their latest song, Pompadour) includes some shots of them playing during that tour, with the Saucers staging behind them!

We know that a number of you are keen to explore the work of musicians who have been involved with the members of Pink Floyd (as shown with the feedback for Jon Carin's and Chester Kamen's music when these are released), and with the variety of music that you can find at, we're sure you'll have fun exploring it!