Exclusive Gilmour 4 track CD with paperback of Polly Samson's "...Dreamers" novel
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 18 March 2021

Polly Samson's A Theatre For Dreamers book with exclusive four track bonus CD with music by David Gilmour and Romany GilmourMost of you will be aware of A Theatre for Dreamers, Polly Samson's most recent bestselling novel, which was a 2020 book of the year in The Times and Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and Spectator. To accompany the book, David Gilmour created some new music, principally for the audiobook version of A Theatre For Dreamers. One song in particular, Yes, I Have Ghosts, received a standalone, 7" single release for Record Store Day last year.

Just announced is the paperback edition, with the Rough Trade record store chain offering an exclusive edition at roughtrade.com/gb/polly-samson/a-theatre-for-dreamers. Ordered through them, the book comes with an exclusive bonus CD, featuring four songs inspired by the book. Initial orders had the bonus of the CD being signed by Samson and Gilmour, but those quickly sold out. They got hold of a few more signed CDs, so don't delay if you fancy one (and if they still have one) - and make sure you select the "Paperback+" option which is the signed version, if it is there when you are ordering! The four tracks were written by Samson and Gilmour, and performed by Gilmour and the couple's daughter Romany. Songs 2, 3 and 4 are instrumentals.

CD Track Listing:

  1. Yes, I Have Ghosts
  2. Tell The Truth
  3. Astral Dust
  4. Kokineli

We don't know how limited this edition is yet, nor if the first song, Yes, I Have Ghosts, is a different version to what has been released already. We do suspect this will sell very quickly, so suggest you get your orders in now! Please note that this CD isn't being offered with the paperback book through other retailers - it's just Rough Trade.