Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon SACD reissued
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 07 January 2020

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon SACD 2020 reissueTo be released on January 24th, 2020, is a long-awaited reissue of the hybrid multichannel SACD (Super Audio CD) of Pink Floyd's iconic 1973 album, The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Originally released in the format (having a separate stereo layer playable on all normal CD players) in 2003 as mark of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the album, the SACD proved very popular. However, it has been out of print for some years, so the reissue later this month will be welcomed by many.

The release is by Analogue Productions, and seems that they will be selling it exclusively through their store, and preorders are now being taken. The mix is the same as the 2003 release, but we understand the packaging has been updated and the retailer are noting that it is presented in a "deluxe" format.

SACDs provide high audio quality, and in certain cases (such as this, and the other Floyd SACD, Wish You Were Here) multi-channel, surround mixes too. The DSOTM and WYWH SACDs both sound superb, and it is worth checking to see if you have suitable equipment to play multichannel SACDs. A number of Sony CD players are compatible with SACDs, and indeed some Playstation 3 consoles play SACDs with no problem. Other makes of CD/DVD/Blu-ray players do support the format, but this varies from model to model. As our contributor John Malcolm notes, there are a number of "universal" players out there which include SACD in their capabilities. It is worth checking the specifications of players, particularly if you are looking to pick up a cheap, second-hand machine on eBay and suchlike.

If we hear of other retailers who are selling this title, we will let you know.