Four-part Pink Floyd podcast - The Lost Art Of Conversation
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 24 November 2019

Pink Floyd - The Lost Art of Conversation podcastAvailable on all podcast platforms from tomorrow is The Lost Art Of Conversation, an exclusive look at Pink Floyd's upcoming box set, The Later Years, which is out on December 13th.

To mark the release of The Later Years, David Gilmour gave BBC Radio’s Matt Everitt unprecedented access with his only interview about the project, the result of which is the four part podcast which will be available weekly on Mondays from 25th November, via your chosen podcast service.

Covering the material and stories featured in The Later Years box set, the episodes are split into four key themes from the band's career from 1987 to the present day, delving into the multi-faceted elements of Pink Floyd's creative output:

The Studio
David talks about the band's return to the jam sessions in the recording studio and embracing new technology when faced with mountains of new advances in synthesisers and other instruments.

David tells of his ideas for the band's artwork including how his simple sketch of a single, empty bed was transformed by the artist Storm Thorgerson into the epic image of hundreds of beds on the cover of A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Live Performances
How the band were preparing for the terrifying prospect of the upcoming tour, only added to by the enormous pressure facing them whilst rehearsing in a massive aircraft hangar at Toronto airport.

Unreleased New Material from the box set
David talks about the many hours of new and rare material included in The Later Years, his memories jogged by watching footage of the band flying around in promotional airships over Miami beach, watching hapless swimmers surrounded by sharks.

You can subscribe to this four-part look at The Later Years via with the episodes available via all normal podcast platforms. More details of The Later Years boxset, and 2LP/1CD highlights packages, can be found here, including ordering links. Finally, here's a teaser for the first episode, which can be heard in full tomorrow: