"Pink Floyd in Objects" - Glenn Povey
Written by Matt   
Monday, 17 December 2018
Pink Floyd in Objects - Glenn Povey

A new book from Brain Damage founder Glenn Povey could be an ideal Christmas stocking filler for Floyd fans. Recently published by Carlton Books, "Pink Floyd in Objects" takes a dramatically different tack than other books about the band.

The book tells the story of the band, not through the normal route of long narrative passages, but through a curated collection of items - instruments, posters, ticket stubs, inflatables, press cuttings, vehicles, inflatables, records and more.

The book runs in chronological order, from a 1964 ticket to a Those Without show (the band included Syd Barrett, who appears to have signed the ticket, making it an even more desirable item to start with), right through to a Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets poster and set list.

Each era, and each entry, is accompanied by a detailed text explaining the significance, and despite the visual nature of the book, it runs to some 50,000 words. Glenn, of course, is responsible for a range of absolutely essential Floyd books, such as Echoes, and most recently, "The Complete Pink Floyd: The Ultimate Reference" - a book we are frequently reaching for.

"Pink Floyd in Objects" takes things in a different direction and is sure to prove an intriguing look through the years. It might also spark discussion over the contents, and also thoughts over items which could or should have been included. As with any collection like this, if you asked 100 fans for their suggested contents, each would be dramatically different!

Pink Floyd in Objects - Glenn Povey
Pink Floyd in Objects - Glenn Povey

Glenn notes in the introduction that the task proved "a very unique challenge", approaching it from the perspective of a fan and collector. Thus, the contents range from some of the key albums, to incredible rarities, via buildings, acetates and guitars. The accompanying text is illuminating, as expected, without going into the detail found in text-heavy books about the band - so might be an ideal starting point for someone eager to find out more about the history of the Floyd.

To the right are a couple of example page layouts to give you an idea of how the book is presented...click the thumbnails to see them in greater detail. Each item (or collection of related items) is presented in this style, with a page (or more) of explanatory text, along with good, clear pictures of the assets themselves.

"Pink Floyd in Objects" is a diverting read, and certainly some of the items within might be in your own collection. Other items will be impossible to own, yet all help contribute towards the story of the band. If you get this book, let us know what you think of the contents, and what you would have considered including!  

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