One More Yard song out now, including Ronnie Wood and Nick Mason
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 08 November 2018

Out now: the video (see below) for one of the versions of One More Yard, a song created in tribute to the sacrifice of the young World War 1 soldiers and to raise awareness of today's war on cancer. The song appears on an EP of the same name, featuring four versions of the song, and performed by an interesting band.

It's a collaboration which includes Nick Mason, Ronnie Wood, Sinead O'Connor, Brian Eno, Imelda May and Cillian Murphy. The EP is part of the #Evamore100 project founded by Professor Sir Chris Evans. The project will see an album of songs produced and launched within the next six months and proceeds from these releases will go to a new cancer awareness trust which will provide expert clinical advice and guidance to cancer sufferers around the world - helping maximise their chances of controlling and overcoming their battles with the disease.

Nick said: "This is an outstanding project that allows people such as myself to pay our tribute to the young men of 100 years ago who fought for our freedom but also to do something to help young people facing cancer today."

For more details of the project, please visit To purchase a copy (it's digital only - no physical release at present) to help raise money for the cancer awareness trust, please visit iTunes/Apple Music, or Amazon Music.