Nick Mason, Guy Pratt and Gary Kemp interviewed - The Guardian
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 20 September 2018

Nick Mason interview in The Guardian, 20th September 2018In today's edition of The Guardian newspaper in the UK, an interesting interview with Nick Mason, as well as Guy Pratt and Gary Kemp, looks at the early days of Pink Floyd, and how Nick's new band - his Saucerful Of Secrets - came about.

Despite lacking the "considerable degree of luxury" he enjoyed touring with Pink Floyd in the latter years, he notes that the camaraderie of the Saucers has made a huge difference as they tour around Europe this month. Just two more shows are left on mainland Europe now - Milan and Zurich - before a run of six nights in England and Scotland, to conclude the tour.

Nick talks about the idea of revisiting those early days, and reminisced about them: "Playing a Top Rank ballroom somewhere, on a bloody revolving stage, with Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band on the other side of it, and the whole audience wanting them to come on and us to get off."

For the Saucers, Nick looked at the band's pre-Dark Side material. "I hadn't really examined these songs in 40-something years. It was a real eye-opener. Syd's way of working and his writing, and some of the other things we did, you just think, 'God, this has got such a modern feel to it.' Obscured By Clouds! You could take that to Ibiza!"

Elsewhere in the piece, Gary Kemp talks about his involvement in the band, and the surprise which accompanied the initial announcement of the man that most knew from his Spandau Ballet career.  

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