Geesin & Waters collaborate on new soundtrack
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Recently, Dan Geesin set off with Harry Waters to make some new music, nearly 50 years after their fathers, Ron Geesin and Roger Waters, collaborated on Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother' and on the album 'Music From The Body' (1970). This brand new and bizarre pop-opera music can be heard in the feature film Retrospekt (right), which will receive its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival 2018.

Artist Dan Geesin has always made his music and sound design for Dutch director Esther Rots' award winning films. He develops his sound work on a parallel path, never reading the film script. "Esther and I use the same stuff but we make our work in different ways. Our perspectives always intersect in the film."

Because one of Dan's favourite albums is Music From The Body, Dan decided to see if there was something in the blood and asked Harry Waters to collaborate on the orchestration of his songs. "Music From The Body is a brilliant music and sound work, saturated with melancholy and humour."

After Harry and Dan worked for nine months on the orchestra sound via the Internet, Harry flew to Amsterdam in February 2018 and they recorded everything with an orchestral ensemble and singers from the National Opera. "I think we brought the best out of each other. This is not what Harry makes with his band and it’s not what I have made before as a singer songwriter: it is oddly different and people like the uniqueness."

Retrospekt (the album) will be released as a download and on vinyl in December 2018. Listen to 3 of the 19 tracks through this link.