David Gilmour charcoal portrait
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
David Gilmour by Kevan Porter David Gilmour by Kevan Porter

With thanks to BD regular and contributor Kevan Porter, here's the latest addition to our Floydian art gallery.

Kevan: "I created this piece as part of an art class at The Attenborough Centre in Leicester. After studying the work of Frank Auerbach, the brief was to create a large charcoal portrait of a person whose face we were familiar with.

"It's the first time I've created a piece this size, the first portrait I've drawn and the first time I've worked with charcoal. My usual work is abstracts in acrylics.

"The image size is 80 x 115cm, charcoal and gesso on collaged paper."

The artwork is indeed a sizeable piece - the dimensions can be properly appreciated in his second picture, with the other items giving the sense of scale to things.

You can connect with Kevan via his Instagram page (kevan_porter) where there are also photos from various David Gilmour and Roger Waters concerts...