Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother inspired illustrations
Written by Faith Carr-Richards   
Friday, 22 December 2017
Pink Floyd artwork - Faith Carr-Richards
Pink Floyd artwork - Faith Carr-Richards

Another couple of entries into our Pink Floyd art gallery - this time from an illustrator, Faith Carr-Richards, who explains her inspiration for these two pieces, along with her memories of attending a talk by Hipgnosis illustrator, George Hardie...

I originally created this as a gift for my dad. He'd not long before lent me a couple of books on the Floyd's album art, in which I found my inspiration. At the time I was exploring screen printing as an illustration medium, which I really enjoy.

I was invited to an evening by the Brighton Illustrators' Group; it was an exhibition of George Hardie's work, and a talk given by the man himself. It was enlightening to hear from the man responsible for the Wish You Were Here album art, and how his iconic isometric style stemmed from taking an O-level in technical drawing.

He told us that when bands (such as Led Zeppelin) approached Hipgnosis wanting album art, George hadn't the foggiest about their message, music and vision. He said he literally used to just ask them, "what do you want me to do?"� He also said that his inspiration stemmed from far and wide and he never sketched ideas down, rather he just keeps a note book full of words and things he always has gone back to throughout his career.

Another interesting thing was that Mr Hardie seemed somewhat unamused at the proposal of him signing the Floyd books I'd brought along. "Who's this for then?" He asked. When I told him it was for my dad he replied, "yes, it usually is."

Faith Carr-Richards can be contacted concerning her artwork, via  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or on Instagram, @zoras.fountain.