Pink Floyd feature again in popular Dutch all-time best of charts
Written by Matt   
Friday, 22 December 2017

Radio 2 Top 2000As we've mentioned in previous years, in the Netherlands, the public station Radio 2 has a very popular yearly countdown (from Christmas Day until New Year's Eve) of the 2000 best songs. Pink Floyd features heavily in the latest countdown, as they have done in previous years, with no less than thirteen songs included, of which one is in the top 10.

Below are the Floyd tracks, along with how they've moved in the chart since last year. The poll itself is compiled from some 3 million voters across the Netherlands - about 20% of the population.

  • No. 7: Wish You Were Here (up 2 places)
  • No. 12: Comfortably Numb (up 4)
  • No. 22: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (down 2)
  • No. 90: Another Brick In The Wall (down 24)
  • No. 212: Echoes (up 3)
  • No. 369: Time (up 13)
  • No. 402: Money (up 14)
  • No. 408: The Great Gig In The Sky (down 5)
  • No. 547: High Hopes (up 134)
  • No. 616: Us and Them (up 133)
  • No. 783: One Of These Days (up 87)
  • No. 1859: See Emily Play (up 126)
  • No. 1945: Arnold Layne (re-entry)

The chart itself is unsurprisingly topped by Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), followed by Hotel California (The Eagles) and Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin), all keeping their positions from last year's chart. Our thanks to Willy Willemse, and Gerald, for their help with this information.