Former AC/DC frontman interviews Nick Mason in Sky documentary
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 05 April 2017

Brian Johnson with Nick Mason, Sky Arts 'Life on the Road'The UK's Sky Arts TV channel have announced a new series of interviews hosted by former AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson, who left the band last year on medical grounds.

The six-part TV show explores what life is like touring the globe as part of a legendary rock act. Screened weekly on Sky Arts from Friday 28th April onwards, Brian Johnson's Life On The Road sees the vocalist interview six fellow rock icons to get an insight into the ups and downs of being on tour – from the euphoria of performing live in massive stadia to the debauchery, sleep deprivation and fallouts.

The show kicks off with Brian interviewing his friend of 40 years, The Who's Roger Daltrey, and follows with Metallica's Lars Ulrich, Pink Floyd's Nick Mason, Sting, Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott, and Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant. Announcing the show, Sky Arts said: "One of rock music's iconic and tour-hardened frontmen, Brian Johnson, gives us a brand new and exclusive take on one aspect of the rock and roll life: live performance, touring and being 'on the road'."

The schedule for Brian Johnson's Life On The Road is as follows:

  • Brian Johnson and Roger Daltrey – 28th April
  • Brian Johnson and Lars Ulrich – 5th May
  • Brian Johnson and Nick Mason – 12th May
  • Brian Johnson and Sting – 19th May
  • Brian Johnson and Joe Elliott – 26th May
  • Brian Johnson and Robert Plant – 2nd June

As yet, there's no indication that this will be aired outside the UK, although many places in Europe can also see Sky Arts via satellite TV.