New, long Roger Waters interview
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 05 November 2016

WTF podcastWhilst Roger Waters is normally a good interviewee these days, with an open and expressive nature talking about life and music, a new interview has just appeared which leaps straight into the "must hear" category.

The WTF podcast hosted by Marc Maron has interviewed various people over the years including such diverse individuals as Keith Richards, Ben Stiller and President Barack Obama. The podcast is a free download through this link at, and has Roger on superb form, talking a wide range of subjects from his own solo career, through to his Pink Floyd bandmates, John Lennon, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, and the state of the world.

The interview lasts around 90 minutes and feels like an indepth chat between friends over a pint, rather than any kind of rigid, structured discussion. The initial part of the podcast might seem a little odd, with chat about his cats, but once you get past this, to Roger's appearance, you'll find yourself absorbed from beginning to end.

Our thanks to everyone who emailed in with the info about this interview.