Two new UK magazines looking at Pink Floyd's Early Years
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 30 October 2016
Uncut Magazine, featuring Pink Floyd - December 2016 Record Collector Magazine, featuring Pink Floyd - November 2016

Just published in the UK, with an eye catching, suitably coloured cover, is the new issue (dated December 2016, issue 235) of Uncut Magazine. Covering no less than eleven pages, it's a fascinating look at both the upcoming Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1965-1972 box set, and a wider exploration of the early days of the band, with insightful discussions of what happened and why, from the likes of Nick Mason, Joe Boyd, Andrew King, Peter Jenner, and Aubrey 'Po' Powell.

There are also sub-articles looking at Their Mortal Remains, the Pink Floyd exhibition opening next May at London's V&A, and Nick's thoughts on the highly unlikely possibility of a further reunion of the surviving members of the band.

To accompany the eleven page Floyd article are six detailed pages looking at the pair of Desert Trip weekend mega-shows, which were of course headlined on the Sunday (final) night of each weekend by Roger Waters.

Also currently available in UK stores, and in due course in selected retailers outside the UK, is the new issue (dated November 2016, issue 459) of Record Collector. Apart from the 1967-era Floyd picture on the cover, it has an eight-page article looking at the early years of the band.

The article is a mix of the author's own recollections of his early interest in the band, along with Nick Mason's own ruminations of the formative days of the band, covering various blues songs and other things, such as Beatles tracks - they'd tend to learn hits from the Top 20. Nick has some fascinating recollections (although some of which are understandably quite vague due to the passage of time) and it's an interesting look at the early days of the band.

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