David Gilmour returns to Pompeii
Written by Matt   
Friday, 08 July 2016
David Gilmour returns to Pompeii

Last night saw the first of a pair of shows held at the historic Anfiteatro di Pompei, in Italy. Well known to Floyd fans as the site of Adrian Maben's 1971 filming, with the band playing an empty, and atmospheric, amphitheatre.

With the two consecutive nights taking place in a venue which had NEVER seen a rock band perform for an audience, the potential and possibilities of these shows seemed as endless as the rumours of the set that David would be playing!

Last night, the first of the concerts confirmed everything that was suspected about the very special nature of the event, and its "must see" status. It was clear that this wasn't just another night on the list of Rattle That Lock concerts, with the production just plonked into the arena. No, clearly much work had been undertaken over weeks and months to finesse the whole set up, to give those lucky enough to be at the show a truly unique experience.

Our review (and the set list) can be seen on the Pompeii first night show page, so if you want to know what happened, and what was played, that's where you'll find that. Those going this evening may not want anything spoilt...