Syd Barrett revealed in new issue of Mojo Magazine
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 21 April 2016
Mojo - June 2016 - Syd Barrett special

The new issue of the UK's Mojo Magazine (issue number 271, cover date June 2016) promises a feast for Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd fans.

Speaking exclusively in their new issue, on sale in the UK from Tuesday April 26, 2016, Rosemary Breen – née Barrett – gives a rare and candid interview about her brother. Discussing the spectrum-spanning early Pink Floyd light show, she confirms the theory that her brother experienced the condition of synesthesia, which caused him to ‘see’ sounds and ‘hear’ colours. This ability, it seems, helped provide the fledgling psychedelic movement with its palette.

“When he talked about how he felt, he would call it a colour. Even as children, so I thought it was perfectly normal,” she tells Mojo’s Mark Blake, also author of the excellent Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd. “It didn’t have a label then. That psychedelic thing with the lights and the thump of the music was, I think, how he felt. Sound was colour, and colour was sound.”

Breen also discusses her personal impressions of Pink Floyd and its members, the impact of her brother’s experimentation with LSD and the secluded life that followed his career in music. It is the central interview of the Barrett special in their new issue that has them shining a multi-coloured light on his whole career: his beginnings, his work with Pink Floyd, his key songs and much more.

This month, the magazine comes in a card wallet containing a couple of Pink Floyd art prints, a different cover for the magazine itself, and a 14-track CD. Inside the magazine, Breen also previews the forthcoming “Hometown Happening” she is organising in honour of Syd Barrett – set to take place at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on October 27.

Available in all good UK stores from this coming Tuesday, it can also be ordered online - worldwide - via GreatMagazines, the magazine's official online store.