Pink Floyd The Wall - playing cards
Written by Matt   
Monday, 18 April 2016

Pink Floyd The Wall playing cardsSomething slightly different on the horizon today - a newly designed pack of Pink Floyd The Wall playing cards. To be released on August 1st, via Aquarius, the company who produce the ever-popular annual Pink Floyd wall calendar, it is a standard pack of cards, but customised so that the Kings, Queens and Jacks all feature a classic image from The Wall project, and every card has a background of bricks.

The pack of cards are selling at a cheap price from most Amazon stores, and can be ordered through the following links: Amazon UK,, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, and Amazon Spain. Not least, this might be a good, low-priced add-on item if you are trying to spend enough on Amazon for the free postage/shipping option they have!

There is of course scope for another more general pack of Pink Floyd related cards, which would help us on the punning front - Shine On You Eight of Diamonds coming to mind as I started typing this - with a wider array of imagery. There have been a few different designed packs over the years and they always seem popular, not least as a quick and simple present.