Pink Floyd 1965 - Their First Recordings on iTunes
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 31 December 2015
Pink Floyd 1965 - Their First Recordings

At the very end of November, Pink Floyd 1965 - Their First Recordings was quietly released to create a storm of shock and surprise amongst the Floyd community. The stealth release of 1050 copies, housed on two 7" singles, in a gatefold sleeve with a Po Powell design, brought the official release for the first time of six songs recorded during that year. It appeared in selected record stores with no fanfare or pre-notice. Rumour has it that record stores weren't even told who the single was by or what it was called, but just told they could order in a handful of copies of a rarity that would become clear on receipt.

The recordings were made when the band were still a five-piece, with Rado Klose on guitar, alongside Syd, Nick, Roger, and Richard. One of the tracks, Walk With Me Sydney, also includes Juliette Gale (later, Richard's first wife) on vocals. Andy Jackson did the mastering for vinyl of these tracks, and the sound quality is very good across all six tracks.

Naturally, these sold incredibly quickly and it is extremely unlikely (but not impossible) that any remain in record stores. However, for those who have missed out, an official digital release has just appeared on iTunes via, although possibly this is not yet in all country's iTunes as yet - but worth checking regularly if you want to purchase this and see just what set the Floyd community ablaze at the start of December...