2015 Pink Floyd pumpkin
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 31 October 2015
Pink Floyd pumpkin 2015

Happy Hallowe'en! Regulars to Brain Damage over the years will know that our friend Joe Ringus is a hugely talented pumpkin artist, and each year crafts a Pink Floyd themed pumpkin for Hallowe'en (which is celebrated by many, principally this evening, but in a number of places it covers a number of days).

Those regulars will no doubt be as keen as we have been to see if Joe would be continuing the tradition this year, and if so, what design would be picked. The great news is that Joe has been hard at work yet again, and has done a phenomenal job once again! We're delighted to share his incredible carving with you.

Joe said: "You'll recognize this as one of Gerald Scarfe's animations from The Wall - specifically from "What Shall We do Now?" where this is essentially the "pink" doll crawling out of his skin. Which coincidentally translates quite well to the surface of the orange squash. Happy Hallowe'en!"

Thanks Joe - we think you've done another excellent job! It's a great tradition and we know many of our visitors love to see them. If there are any other pumpkin artists out there who have created Floyd designs, we'd love to see them. In the meantime, click the thumbnail to the left to see Joe's hard, and careful, work in more detail.