Wish You Were Here postage stamp artwork
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 14 October 2015
Wish You Were Here - recreated in stamps! Wish You Were Here - recreated in stamps!

With Wish You Were Here celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, here's a newly created artwork which is very impressive! The vinyl package of WYWH came with a typical holiday postcard, often used to express the sentiment in the album title. What would one use to send a postcard? A postage stamp, of course.

This has been taken to an extreme, and very impressive, conclusion, with Stefan Jürgens having recreated the album cover by using no less than 5000 postage stamps from various countries! The piece measures 148 cm x 158 cm, and none of the stamps were glued at an unusual angle - the contours and shapes are created only by colours or images on the stamps. Stefan told us that it took him five months to complete this artwork, and that the stamps were a random selection that he collected from friends, family or bought at flea markets. He was inspired by the music and the work of Pink Floyd to create this tribute.

The pictures here show Stefan with the finished article, and a close up showing how the stamps were arranged to create the imagery.

Our thanks to Stefan for getting in touch with this; we are always keen to see what people have created, so if you've made your own artwork or version of a Floyd album cover, for example, please get in touch!