Roger Waters guitarist GE Smith interviewed
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Keep Calm and Rock On podcastLast month, we told you about the absorbing and fun hour-long interview with the highly respected guitarist Snowy White which was conducted and podcast by US concern KCRO - Keep Calm and Rock On. It's a great listen and gives good insight into Snowy, his career, and how he copes with life on the road.

Anyway, KCRO have just published their latest podcast, and this time, there's another musician that should be of interest, particularly to the Roger Waters fans out there in BDland. The interview is with GE Smith, guitarist on Roger's 2010-2013 tour. This is all quite timely with the recent cinema screenings of Roger Waters The Wall, which is released soon on various audio and video formats (see our news items elsewhere), with Friday night's Waters concert in Washington DC, and with GE's upcoming, intimate concert in Sag Harbor, New York, at the end of the month which has Roger as a guest in a very special, one off show.

The interview goes through GE's story, from earliest experimentation with a guitar found at home, through his work with people like Bob Dylan, to his work (including the upcoming events) with Roger. It gives some good insights into the man, and can be heard or downloaded through this direct link at KCRO.