David Gilmour interview in new Uncut Magazine
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Uncut Magazine issue 220/September 2015 - exclusive David Gilmour interviewOfficially on sale in the UK from today, July 28th, the September 2015/issue 220 of the UK's Uncut magazine has a eye-catching cover featuring David Gilmour, alongside the strapline of 'Beyond Pink Floyd - A New Dawn'.

The 11-page world exclusive interview is fascinating stuff, and handsomely illustrated with some new pictures and a range of older shots. With the interview taking place as Gilmour's upcoming album Rattle That Lock was being finalised, he talks about the creation of the album, the origins of some of the material, and reveales some of the personnel involved.

The lion's share of the piece has Gilmour, as well as the likes of Aubrey "Po" Powell, reflecting on their history. There's also talk of the future, including the possibility of another solo album before too long...

Elsewhere in the magazine are features on, amongst others, the Grateful Dead, including a special cover-mounted CD compiling a live version of an album which never had an official release. Also, in the week following the Newport Folk Festival, in which Roger Waters played a well-received set, there's a look back at the earlier days of the event.

You can buy Uncut in all good UK stores from today (although a handful seemed to have been selling it the last couple of days), and it will be available in selected outlets worldwide as an import. Alternatively, you can buy it (again, worldwide) via the Newsstand website.