Syd Barrett documentary - film maker Roddy Bogawa clarifies!
Written by Matt   
Monday, 29 June 2015

Storm Thorgerson working on Syd Barrett documentaryTwo years ago, the regular StormStudios newsletter referred to the documentary that Storm had been working on (which I had the pleasure to be included as one of Storm's interviewees). Providing some background to the project, they noted then that: "Since the end of 2011 Storm had been very busy filming a documentary with Rupert [Truman] about Pink Floyd's founder member, Syd Barrett. They filmed many interviews including old school friends, flat mates, girlfriends, fellow musicians and all the surviving members of Pink Floyd. So far it's proved a very enlightening experience..."

After Storm's sad passing, the reigns were passed to film maker Roddy Bogawa, following his work on the excellent documentary about Storm (Taken by Storm), which we've talked about elsewhere and is due for a release this autumn.

Over the weekend, some websites posted stories about the documentary, following a piece on the Mojo magazine website. However, before you get too carried away with what has been stated in various places, we've had some clarification from Roddy over the story. "Now the cat is out of the bag, we'd like to clarify a few things - Mojo got a few things wrong - the correct title is 'Have You Got It Yet?' and the film is not being released this summer. We are shooting the last bits and entering the editing stage."

We'll obviously keep you posted on all the confirmed, accurate information on this hotly anticipated documentary, which promises to be a fascinating look at Barrett, but is some way off completion. In the meantime, for all you Facebookers out there, they have just set up a page for the documentary. You can find it at