Call for Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd plaque in Cambridge
Written by Matt   
Friday, 12 June 2015

Pink Floyd plaque at Regent Street Polytechnic/University of Westminster, LondonFollowing on from the unveiling of a plaque commemorating Pink Floyd at London's University of Westminster (formerly the Regent Street Polytechnic) (shown to the left), which saw Roger Waters and Nick Mason opening the curtain to reveal to the world the site where they met and later formed the band, calls are now coming for a second plaque to be created and installed.

This time, the impetus for the plaque is coming from the band's true spiritual home - Cambridge. Possibly inspired by the London unveiling (or entirely coincidental), Cambridge News - the local paper - are calling for funding to be made available to "honour Syd and Pink Floyd", paying what they call a belated tribute to the band.

They note that "other cities have not been shy when it comes to honouring their greatest musical sons and daughters, and it is right that the world knows about the links between Cambridge and one of the most famous bands ever. Since Syd Barrett and Co first came on the scene in the 1960s, we have been able to bathe in their reflected glory".

It seems there is already a proposed design, created by Fonz Chamberlain and stone carver Pippa Westoby, so hopefully the local council can come up with the necessary funding to make this a reality. No location in the city is mentioned, although there are obviously a few key locations which could be used - venues that the band played, for instance, or even something at Grantchester Meadows...