New Pink Floyd 'bookazine' published
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pink Floyd book by James RidleyJust published - by an Australian company, printed in China, and seemingly available in most countries, Pink Floyd written by James Ridley is a large format book akin to a sturdy magazine, running to some 92 pages.

The book is full of pictures, many filling double-page spreads (although the occasional blown up shot then struggles with overall sharpness and clarity). The text scampers through the band's history, also taking into account solo activity, pulling out quotes from various past interviews and documentaries - there is no new interview material in the book.

Generally, the material covers seems a little curious, with less obvious things getting prominence over more expected (and important) ground. There are also inaccuracies within the (at times) rather thin commentary, kicking off most noticeably with the assertion that Pink Floyd have remained with EMI as their only record company since signing with them in 1967. Not sure what Warners would make of that!

Elsewhere, and with no obvious reason, there's a double page spread right at the back with just the track listing of The Dark Side Of The Moon, in large type. Odd in itself, but a good example of how the proofreader must've gone for a tea break: for side two, it lists side one's tracks for the second time.

Despite our disappointment with it, we've already had some very positive emails and Facebook posts about this publication, so it clearly has an audience amongst some happy Floyd fans. It is maybe one to see before you buy, if you can. If you DO want to buy this, it can be bought via these links: Amazon UK,, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Espana and Amazon Italy. Orders for North America should be open shortly.