Tutte le canzoni dei Pink Floyd: Il fiume infinito - The Lunatics
Written by Matt   
Monday, 09 February 2015

Tutte le canzoni dei Pink Floyd: Il fiume infinito is a recently pTutte le canzoni dei Pink Floyd: Il fiume infinito - The Lunaticsublished (November 2014) Italian book from our friends The Lunatics. As with their previous publication, Pink Floyd: Storie e Segreti, the book has been put together as a collaborative effort by a number of long-time collectors of Floyd records and memorabilia, known collectively as The Lunatics, and together owners of one of the largest collection of rare Floyd records and assorted memorabilia.

Il fiume infinito takes a detailed, chronological look - in Italian - at the band's entire catalogue, right up to The Endless River (although due to publishing deadlines this is not covered in the same detail as the rest of the Floyd's official releases). It also covers some of the side projects and officially unreleased material the band have created. Track after track, album after album, year after year: a guide spanning over three hundred pages, analyzing the genesis, content and background of each song from 1965 to 2014.

For the non-Italian readers amongst us, there is a sixteen page, full colour section with numerous items of memorabilia, some of which I've not seen before, and all of which well reproduced. So, we would suggest the main audience for this will be those who can read Italian well, with a separate smaller bunch of people, who will want the book for the illustrations at the back. From my sketchy grasp of Italian though, the material clearly covers each track well, with some impressive detail and research at the heart of every page.

You can buy the book in Italian bookstores, or for fans either in Italy, or indeed worldwide, you can order it direct from Amazon Italy through this direct link. They'll ship the book wherever you live, and by using our direct link to buy it (or anything else there) we get a small but vital contribution to our ongoing running costs.