Syd Barrett - birthday remembrance
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 06 January 2015

Today (January 6th) would have seen Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett's 69th birthday, having been born in 1946, and we're marking this notable day.

We're sure that like us, many will have paid their own personal tributes to him, in remembrance of the impact he had on our lives - playing his music, enjoying some of his art work, and so on. We'd love to know how you are marking his huge contribution to our lives - email us, or join in the conversation over at our Facebook page.

One of the more interesting television appearances the band did in 1967 was on the BBC's Tomorrow's World, a science magazine show. During a story they did on experimentation with lights and sound, Mike Leonard is seen tinkering with such things whilst the band played a laid-back instrumental, unreleased elsewhere...