Nick Mason signed Pink Floyd Shine On box set for charity
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Pink Floyd - Shine On 1992 box set, signed by Nick Mason

Nick Mason has signed a rare copy of the 1992 Pink Floyd box set, Shine On for a charity auction currently running on eBay.

Shine On was a 9 CD set, with custom covers, a fold-out sleeve to house the albums in, and a special book, unavailable elsewhere. Copies are now hard to find, particularly in good condition, so for this one to be available signed by Nick should mean there will be plenty of interest in the next day or so that the auction is running for.

All the proceeds from the auction will be going to a charity called Youth Music Theatre UK. They’re a music theatre charity for young people aged 11-21, and their alumni include Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

Bidding for this item finishes in just over 24 hours from when we've posted this news item, and at present, is at a very low amount, so visit this direct link now - good luck!