Nick Mason on new Christmas single
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 25 November 2014
Kirsty Bertarelli and Nick Mason, Abbey Road Studios

Nick Mason is amongst those helping out Kirsty Bertarelli on her yuletide single, The Ghosts of Christmas Past, which is now available to download (it is a digital-only release) from iTunes. Nick, who also plays drums on three tracks on Kirsty's album 'Indigo Shores' which was released earlier this year, joined Kirsty and the 28-strong choir from the North Staffordshire YMCA, at Abbey Road's Studio One.

Of the recording Kirsty said: "We had just the best day recording the single and video at Abbey Road. When I started putting the song together, it was clear that it would be made better –with a choir. Ever since I was first invited for a visit a couple of years ago, I've had the absolute privilege of getting to know the young people and staff at YMCA North Staffordshire and so they were the very top of the list. They are a massively talented, inspiring group."

A video was put together showing the making of the recording, and includes Nick Mason going through his paces on the day:

As an update for you, the promo video for the single can also now be viewed via Youtube: