The Endless River - full EPK; album breaking sales records
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 04 November 2014

Further to our story of 22 October, regarding Pink Floyd's The Endless River on course to break Amazon's sales records, they have now confirmed that the upcoming album, just days away now, has indeed not just broken this year's pre-sale order record, but is their biggest selling pre-sale ever. This eclipses artists such as One Direction, Take That, Coldplay and Susan Boyle - all who have incredibly passionate fan bases.

Amazon are refusing to say just how many orders it has had for The Endless River "for commercial reasons", but have revealed the top ten all-time chart:

  1. Pink Floyd, The Endless River
  2. One Direction, Midnight Memories
  3. Robbie Williams, Swings Both Ways
  4. Take That, Progress
  5. Susan Boyle, I Dreamed a Dream
  6. Coldplay, Ghost Stories
  7. David Bowie, The Next Day
  8. Coldplay, X&Y
  9. Take That, The Circus
  10. Amy Winehouse, Lioness: Hidden Treasure

Finally, for those yet to see it, the full EPK (Electronic Press Kit) has been released now, and this can be viewed here: