Amsterdam Music Hall
Amsterdam Music Hall
Amsterdam ticket
Amsterdam ticket
Ticket scans - thanks to Danny Lievestro,
Marko Zwijnenberg, & Jan van Grootel
Concert starts: 8pm

Address of venue: Arena boulevard 590, 1101 DS Amsterdam. MAP


SET LIST (March 19th)
FIRST HALF: Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

SECOND HALF: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot's... Uh The Deal, Wearing The Inside Out, Dominoes, Breathe/Time/Breathe Reprise, High Hopes, Echoes.

ENCORE: Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.

SET LIST (March 20th - different) -
FIRST HALF: Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Take A Breath, Smile, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

SECOND HALF: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot's... Uh The Deal, Fat Old Sun, Coming Back To Life, Time/Breathe Reprise (see below), High Hopes, Echoes.

ENCORE: Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.


The first of two concerts on consecutive nights at the Heineken Music Hall was another acclaimed show, with a set list unchanged from that performed at the start of the tour. The change made for the second Paris show, and the Frankfurt show the previous evening, had been dropped (although we'd be surprised if it didn't reappear at some point in future shows).

The audience reaction was said to be fairly muted, although this allowed the music to be heard properly. Our friend Charles told us that David appeared to be in a very good mood. After "Take A Breath" he acknowledged the quiet audience with the comment "that woke you up didn't it?".

The second show featured a couple of changes to the set, including a slight reorder of the songs in the first half. One wonders if one of the changes in the show was partly designed to conserve Richard Wright's voice? Or maybe this is a sign of the tour as it unfolds; changes in the set to keep the band (and any lucky audience member attending more than one show) fresh and varied.

Interestingly, there has been strong disagreement over the songs played, and in which order, on March 20th. We asked our friend Guy Pratt for the definitive answer, and it is as shown above. As he played the show, he has the casting vote, so please, no more emails about this!

SHOW REVIEW - March 19th

By Ron van der Kolk

OK then, a quick review of last night's concert (March 19th). I'll skip over the set list (no surprises here, same as the other concerts in this tour - read the other reviews!) and about how brilliant it was. That speaks for itself. I'm so glad I was there!

What amazed me was the presence of Rick during the whole show. Not just for a few songs, no special introduction... not like a special guest, but as part of the band. Please understand that I'm a great Rick fan, but sometimes I wondered what he was doing there, especially during the PF songs. All the keyboard intros and sounds that I thought were typical for Rick were in fact played by Carin, while Rick was frantically fiddling with the buttons of his keyboard, guided by the flashlight of a road crew member. This happened on several occasions during the show. They even had to pause in between songs because he didn't manage to start the pre recorded Breathe intro.

David's voice was surprisingly good during the whole concert. No problems during the first songs like in previous shows as I've read.

The Great Gig In The Sky was not on the set list, nor was there any surprise guest. Although the appearance of the one and only Dick Parry was a very nice surprise for me (I didn't read any of the other reviews before I went there).

Right before starting the last song of the first half David's guitar strap came loose from his guitar. A road crew member looked at it and simply walked away, leaving David to put the screws back himself, by hand, joking "It's hard to get decent staff these days".

The sound was only so-so in my humble opinion. Too much focus on the mid range frequencies, which sets the focus very much towards vocals and guitar. Nice for the people who like David and wish to ignore the rest of the music, but not well for the overall soundscape. In addition a loud humping bass and bass drum. I could hardly hear the bass melody, or Manzanera's guitar. And Dick Parry deserved a lot more volume. Overall it wasn't bad, but not perfect either.

The audience was tame and reserved. No standing ovation when he came on, just a mild round of applause. I was dumbfounded for this weak reception for such an artist! Very mild applauses in between songs of the first half; could it be most of the people didn't even listen to the album before hand? only a few German drunks roared up the place by shouting names of PF songs, cheerfully ignored and parodied by David. People got more excited in the second half, with a standing ovation after the last song, before the encore. Af the two encores people gave the musicians a hand for a dozen of seconds and sped off towards the parking lot.

Nevertheless, for me this was a great concert (I just skipped all the positive stuff, it's covered well enough in the other reviews) and the first (and I'm afraid last) chance to see David perform live. I can't tell you how good it was to be there. Please share your thoughts if you were at the same show.

Echoes rule(s)!

SHOW REVIEW - March 19th

By Siobhan Tallon

A group of us travelled from Liverpool on a pilgrimage to the Heineken Music Hall on March 19th to see our hero. The interminable journey was well worth it, David lived up to and exceeded all our hopes and expectations.

As stated in an earlier review, the initial welcome was muted, to the point where I wondered if it was actually Him on stage! All of us from Liverpool did our best, in the middle of the muted Dutch, to provide some noise, and they caught on in the end!!!

The harmonies in 'on an island' were beautiful, the whole first half a lovely introduction and build up. For me, though, the whole show came to life with the first few notes of 'shine on', just fantastic!

'Echoes' was my personal favourite of the night, every note seemed to reverberate around the hall, the best thing I've ever seen! Unfortunately, I lost my tour programme during an after show wander around the 'red light' district, so if anyone would be willing to sell me a spare copy, I would be extremely grateful; it was the only souvenir I had, apart from ticket stubs!

Now looking forward to Roger's concert in Hyde Park this summer, what a year!

SHOW REVIEW - March 19th

By Jens Evers

19.45 hours
Right now we are sitting in the HMH (Heineken Music Hall) and waiting for the show to begin. About 15 more minutes. I didn’t take a camera with me, since I was afraid they didn’t allow cameras inside the HMH. So there are no pictures to share from me this time.

Nearly 20.00 hours
It’s my first time I’m in the HMH and it looks like a good place for live gigs. My girlfriend and I are a bit nervous. How long until the show begins she asks? I checked again and before I could answer her, the lights dim and the first sounds of Castellorizon are filling the HMH.

21.00 hours
First part is over. As expected David played the complete OAI. Many people are jumping up and head towards the bar for a drink. I remain in my seat and try to order all the music impressions of the first part of the show. No guest appearance so far. Let's wait and see what the second part will bring.

21.15 hours
Again the lights are dimmed and the next tune we all know very well: Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Some belated returning visitors spoil our view and they even don’t bother to apologize for their behaviour.

Somewhere between 22.30 and 23.00 hours (I lost track of the time)
What can I say more....Absolutely wonderful. The set list was nearly the same as in Hamburg. Instead of Fat Old Sun, they played Dominoes. No special guest this time.

What are my thoughts of the show?

I’ve mixed feelings. OAI is a superb album. No doubt about that. I have come to the conclusion that the Heineken Music Hall is way too big for such an intimate record. The distance between the audience and the band is not right. The essential contact, the emotion is lost (we were sitting on the balcony) .

Also, David was certainly not at his best, I've seen him play much better at other occasions. He had, from time to time, problems with finding the right (high) tone, both for the vocal parts as with playing high tones on the guitar.

During the OAI part, there was nearly no FX used on his voice, which made it an very honest performance, but each little mistake, you are able to hear (an echo or reverb can mask these errors).

Echoes is the absolute highlight of the show. Many people were completely stunned, but I wasn't. I'm asking myself what did I miss (no goose skin).

I would like to do it all over again, but now sitting in one of the front row chairs. Don't get me wrong. The gig was great. I wouldn’t want to have missed it. I only have second thoughts about listening OAI live in a venue which size is too large.

Perhaps I need to see him again in the Royal Albert Hall.

SHOW REVIEW - March 19th

By Bart

I had the feeling that Mr Gilmour didn't enjoy to be there or maybe that the new album isn't an album to play live like that. Like most of the audience the reception of the first part was very tame. Don't get me wrong the new album is great, to be played at home late at night but not to be played in an live version like I heard that Sunday. Most of the fans want to have a great night and have a great performance to be seen/heard. To be blown off their feet if you know what I mean.

The second half began with Shine On, I thought now the show will begin! but no David had to do a solo bit first and half way up another accoustic bit. I thought the number is out of context in this way, Shine On followed by another laid-back number (Wots...uh the deal) and Wright's (thanks that he's there, its wonderful to see him play and sing again!!! Go on Wright!!!) Wearing The Inside Out, a nice selection of Dark Side, High Hopes and the grand finale Echoes (WHOAAAAAOOOO) it was very nice to here that live (this was really the big moment of the evening) and followed up with the standard encores. If Gilmour had played more of the last 3 songs, I think the concert would be much better.

After the concert I felt really really sad. This was a concert where I looked out for for 12 years. In fact I think that this could be the last time I have ever seen him play live at all. I had a very different expectation of a Gilmour concert that what we saw the 19th. Having seen him playing in 1994 and knowing his other solo albums, I was really dissapointed. And still am.

SHOW REVIEW - March 20th

By Arvid

I've been to the second show in Amsterdam last night. It was terrific! I had to pay a lot for my ticket and the seats weren't that great (not to mention the guy sitting next to me pretending, even during the quiet songs like Smile, to be Animal; that drummer of the Muppet Show. He also was a bad drummer so during the break I gave him two options. 1. To keep rhythm 2. If he couldn't keep rhythm to leave the drumming to the guy on stage who could. You should've seen his face... not angry, but dissapointed...).

The first part of the show was the complete On An Island set, no surprises there. Beautiful lights, great sound, great performance. Too bad the crowd was noisy, lot of people walking, laughing, talking, drinking beer, smoking and smoking weed during the show (which by the way was not allowed, even in Amsterdam). There were also a lot of photo- and video-camera's...

As said before, no surprises in the first set, but there would be a big one in the second set.

After Shine on and wot's the deal we heard Fat Old Sun (while on the day before they performed Dominoes - which I like more btw.) After Fat Old Sun we heard the first tunes of COMING BACK TO LIFE!

I believe that this was the first time they played that song on this tour [it is - Matt], but it sounded like they've played it all the time, just perfect.

Too bad Wearing the Inside Out and Breathe were skipped because after CBTL they went straight on with Time/Breathe (reprise) which was closely followed by High Hopes. And then the best performance of a song I ever saw... Echoes.

I read a lot about this performance, heard some roio's, but to be there, hear the performance, see the lights (using mirrors) was just great. While enjoying the song Animal went totally beserk, jumping up and down on his chair, but I let him be. The people in front of me (who looked like exchange students) lit a joint and when I smelled the sweet fragrance I imagined how it had to be like to see Pink Floyd performing in the '60/'70 (too bad I was born in 1984).

After Echoes there was this very long moment of nothingness... Nothing happened. Ok, people were clapping, cheering, but no: We want more... Some people were leaving, others were turning on their mobile phones and making calls, others were putting on there coats (even while the cloak-room was free of charge, people remained cheap Dutchmen) but waiting if something happened. Then people began stamping, like a wild horde of wildebeasts. Oh my God, Lion King: The Musical all over again!

It took around 5 minutes (I checked) before some people began cheering that they wanted more and Mr. Gilmour & co. came back on stage to perform Wish You Were Here and Comfy Numb. Especially during CN people who were sitting in the back ran up to the stage. I was dying to go there to but I didn't want to defy Animal. His hands and legs were going everywhere and I do want to live long enough to see Roger and Nick perform someday (being June 10th Arrow Rock Festival).

Finishing the great solo at the end of the song (which is great, but please, Mr. Gilmour, try some more improvising) they took a bow including Dick Parry who we last saw during Shine On at the beginning of the second set. Then they walked off stage and all the hippies and myself went towards the exit...

SHOW REVIEW - March 20th

By Erwin Koolen

A day after the show and I already have read a negative review in the newspaper. "David Gilmour is missing the pig of Pink Floyd. He only knows how to impress with a big stage." I don't agree with this.

David Gilmour is doing what he likes... to play the songs his way! Yesterday wasn't just a night with a few Pink Floyd songs but it was a night with 90% of Pink Floyd members on stage!

Everyone is always talking that Pink Floyd should returning back on stage... well yesterday we saw the Floyd back on stage (without Nick Mason - why?) But we enjoyed it!! We were sitting in front of the stage.

We even didn´t miss the Quadrophonic sound. The crowd were little bit too soft and quiet but after the break, everyone made more noise. Now we going to wait for the DVD... but in the meantime, we are enjoing the CD On An Island.

Thank you David Gilmour and band for bringing back the Floyd feeling.

SHOW REVIEW - March 20th

By Ron Bijl

Time for a quick review from what I would definitely consider the best live show I've ever been to. David Gilmour's second night at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on March 20th. In one word: amazing!

The band seemed to be in a very good mood as there were many moments of them looking at each other and smiling. There really was a lot of enjoyment in the playing, which really adds to a show. The sound was very good, but there did seem to be a few tuning problems now and then. David kept tuning his stuff over and over again in between and also during songs. Still, it sounded amazing. The bass and bass-drum were felt through the floor while David's guitar just screamed out over the amazing keyboards. The lightshow was also very well done and really added to the songs. Especially on Time and Echoes it really created a very strong atmosphere.

The band sounded very well. All very talented musicians who simply nailed every note and really played well together. David's singing and guitar were just perfect, still sounding like the young David Gilmour from the 70's, 80's and 90's. His solos were so incredibly powerful. On numerous times I heard people around me whisper "how the hell does he even do that!". He just made it all look so easy! His playing of both the steel guitar and the slide guitar were highlights in itself. Add the saxophone part and it really showed David as the versatile musician he is.

To me, aside from David's stunning guitar work, Richard Wright's keyboards also really stood out. David still has it, but so does Richard! Especially on the older Pink Floyd material he just nailed it to the point where you just get caught in the musical current that drags you along whether you want it or not. When introducing the band Richard also got a much bigger applause then the other musicians. The crowd really showed him a lot of respect I think. Which is really nice because when people talk Floyd they often really focus on David and Roger, and Richard just deserves a lot of credit and respect as well. It's nice to see him get that.

The first half of the show, On An Island, was really good. The live performances of the songs really added something to the record in my opinion. It was very smooth, very fine tuned. The receptions of the song varied a bit. Some were very well received, others a mild applause. Especially the amazingly played guitar solo's got a big round of applause in response. The bit heavier songs were received best. Still I think overall the reaction to the new material was good. The crowd was reserved at times, but from what I understood from the review of the previous Amsterdam show they weren't as calm as they were the day before. It was just all done in a way that is respectful to the artists and really gave you a chance to focus on the music.

After the short break the hall filled up once more and the lights went out… When the first few notes of Shine On You Crazy Diamond hit it was answered with a huge roar and a big ovation. This was clearly the part the crowd came to see! Dick Parry's ending solo was just magic. Every song was a treat in itself and very well received. It was nice to hear David play some pre Dark Side Of The Moon material as well. There are so many great songs which are often overshadowed by Floyd's later work.

The performance of Echoes was just incredible. To me that was probably the highlight of the show. Left me sitting in my seat, jaw dropped on the floor and just plain stunned. It got a huge standing ovation. When the lights went off the crowd kept applauding and asking for more. And we got it! As soon as the first few notes of Wish You Were Here hit the people just all stood up from their seats and rushed towards the stage. I was in the fifth row, and this got me to the absolute front of the stage about 10 feet from David, which was really cool! The crowd sang Wish You Were Here along with David and Richard (who's vocals were just great by the way!). After that the band closed with Comfortably Numb on which the crowd again sang every word. The song was performed superbly and the solos were mind blowing. When the song was over everybody was already on their feet gathered at the front of the stage and the band got a huge ovation from the crowd. Dave ended by thanking the crowd again thus ending an absolutely amazing night with many magical moments.

For a younger fan like myself (I'm 21) who wasn't around during Floyd's highlights this was an amazing (and possibly my only) chance to see David live. And it was worth every last cent. Definitely the best concert I've ever been to!

SHOW REVIEW - March 20th

By William Tonis

I just woke up with Gilmour/Floyd-music lingering in my head. I was in row 9 last night, so fairly close to the stage. The sound was amazing; acoustics were perfect. I'm wearing professional earplugs.. The balance in sound was great.

First half of the show was new to most people in the audience. Still, it was impressive to see the band play the songs. Great listening.

The second part was pure heaven. I particularly liked the version of 'Shine on..' and I was surprised by 'Wot's ..Uh the deal' and 'Fat Old Sun'. Great songs. As if they were written yesterday. Then 'Echoes', fantastic with the light-arrangements.. For the encore I walked up to front row, 10 feet away from the band. Great show.

After the show I laid my hands on the setlist. I asked the guy at the sounddesk in the back. There seemed to be two different setlists. The one used on stage was different for the second half of the show. I saw a guy with the setlist from the stage. It had 'Wearing the inside out' on instead of 'Coming back to life'. The position of 'Wearing..' was in between 'Wot's ... and Fat old sun'. It seems that some changes were made during the break, without having changed the paper setlists on stage...

In all, I had a great night. Now, I'm off to work..... life goes on...