Happy birthday Roger Waters - new poem and Toronto appearance!
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 06 September 2014

Roger Waters - Paris, 2013Fans attending the Toronto International Film Festival's screening of 'Roger Waters The Wall' tonight will be able to help Roger celebrate his 71st birthday, which is today. Many happy returns, Roger!

It has been confirmed that Roger and co-director Sean Evans will be walking the red carpet for the premiere of the live concert film at the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto tonight, which starts at 8:30pm. There are two more public screenings in Toronto of the film during the coming week. As yet, no details are available of when it will be released on DVD/Blu-ray.

Roger started his Wall tour in Toronto back in 2010, so it brings things full circle to launch the film there. Cameron Bailey, TIFF’s artistic director, noted how Roger wanted to reconnect with Toronto audiences: "The great thing is he's actually doing it twice: the Saturday night at the Elgin and the Sunday at the Ryerson. He has promised that he will attend both screenings to introduce them and do a Q&A, and he's very excited about this. He's a rock god and this is an amazing thing."

For all of you fortunate enough to be attending, have a great time and don't forget to tell us all about it! Any pictures of the red carpet arrival or the Q&A session would be much appreciated, too.

In separate Waters news, he has recently had a piece published on the Salon.com website, talking at length about the situation in Gaza. Whilst his views on the subject prove divisive, you can read his article in full here. At the bottom of the article, he also adds a poem that he wrote in August about the subject:

Crystal Clear Brooks
When the time comes
And the last day dawns
And the air of the piper warms
The high crags of the old country
When the holy writ blows
Like burned paper away
And wise men concede
That there's more than one way
More than one path
More than one book
More than one fisherman
More than one hook
When the cats have been skinned
And the fish have been hooked
When the masters of war
Are our masters no more
When old friends take their whiskey
Outside on the porch
We will have done well
If we're able to say
As the sun settles down
On that final day
That we never gave in
That we did all we could
So the kids could go fishing
In crystal clear brooks.

[Poem: copyright Roger Waters 2014]