New Roger Waters-penned Marianne Faithfull track
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 05 August 2014

Back in May we told you that Roger Waters, along with other guest artists such as Nick Cave, Pat Leonard, and Steve Earle, had contributed lyrics to Marianne Faithfull's forthcoming album, Give My Love To London.

The album is released next month, September 2014, and will coincide with a year-long world tour which begins around the same time.

As we noted before, this is not Marianne's first cover of a Roger Waters-penned song. Her 1999 album Vagabond Ways included the track Incarceration of a Flower Child, which was written by Waters in 1968, and never recorded by Pink Floyd. The lyrics seem to relate to Syd Barrett, but Waters has never confirmed this.

Marianne's YouTube channel has just unveiled Sparrows Will Sing, which features Roger's lyrics. You can hear it below, and share your views on this collaboration over at our Facebook page.