Roger Waters: The Wall on Broadway - small update
Written by Matt   
Friday, 01 August 2014

Pink Floyd The Wall - The Trial sequenceIn the UK's Telegraph newspaper recently, writer Lee Hall, creator of Billy Elliot and collaborator with Roger Waters on the stage version of The Wall, has provided a small update on progress. As the article reveals, despite it all seemingly going quiet on the project, work is still very much ongoing.

The Telegraph notes that 'in the autumn, Hall will start work-shopping a stage version of The Wall with [Waters] and director Simon McBurney.' Hall says, "The album is conceived in a very theatrical way and it has this brilliant theatrical metaphor for the war. It's also a great story about post war Britain, what it was to be part of that young generation and to be an artist and become unbelievably successful at it."

As yet, there are no dates or locations for when The Wall will hit the stage, although when the project was being discussed previously New York's Broadway was stated as the place it will open.

Our thanks to Phil Beckett for spotting this, and letting us know. More information on this intriguing project as and when we have it.