Remembrance of Syd Barrett
Written by Matt   
Monday, 07 July 2014

Syd Barrett (photo: Mick Rock)Today marks the eighth anniversary of Syd Barrett's sad passing away. We're sure that we will all be marking the day with our memories and thoughts of Syd, in our own special way.

Roger Keith Barrett was born in Glisson Road, Cambridge, on January 6th, 1946. From an early age, he displayed a musical and artistic nature, and played the ukelele, banjo and piano - indeed, he won a prize for a piano duet at the tender age of seven. He then took up the guitar. As he built on his guitar skills, his exploration of music in all its forms took him to the Riverside Jazz Club, where legend has it that the drummer - one Sid Barrett - nicknamed the young Roger "Syd", a name which stuck.

With his growing prowess, he played in various bands in Cambridge and London - bands such as Geoff Mott and The Mottoes, Those Without, The Hollerin' Blues, The Spectrum Five, Leonard's Lodgers, and then, in 1965, The Pink Floyd were formed. The Floyd toured extensively between 1965 - 1967, in a punishing schedule which saw them even play more than one country some evenings! The band's first album, Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, was also recorded during this period, as were Syd's contributions to the second album, A Saucerful Of Secrets.

He left the band at the start of 1968, and pursued a solo career. Two main albums came out of this fragile period - The Madcap Laughs, and Barrett (both 1970). Other solo albums were to follow, taken from various sessions recorded between 1969 - 1971.

Roger Barrett retired from the public eye, choosing to live out the remainder of his life in his mother's house, even after her death in 1991. He contented himself with painting, and reportedly wrote a book about the history of art, for his own amusement (with no intention of publishing).

He will continue to live on in the hearts of his friends, family, and his many fans across the world.