Pink Floyd leather art
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Jeff HamiltonFashion designer Jeff Hamilton, the creative force behind the Guess? For Men brand, has spent some time with his attentions on leather jackets. Rather than fairly standard pieces of clothing, these benefitted from Jeff's close care and attention, and these became very desirable, and much sought after by celebrities and athletes alike.

His work on leather jackets, with the hand-cut detailing and embroidery, has now expanded and he has done a number of pieces celebrating the worlds of sport and music. Amongst those benefitting from his careful hand and design are The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd.

As you'll see, for Pink Floyd Jeff has taken a delightful, colourful poster designed to celebrate the March 1966 Marquee Club concert. The image will be familiar to many of you, although viewing the detail of the leather art, one can see it is all painstakingly done in leather and applique - requiring a skilled and very patient hand.

Our thanks to his leather art representative, Lissa Kivisto, for getting in touch regarding this work, and for sending over these pictures of the artwork to use on Brain Damage.

Jeff's pieces are for sale, and commissions are accepted, although like most "one-off" works which take a great deal of care and skill, these won't be cheap. However, whatever your wallet can stand, it costs nothing to browse his incredible work at

Jeff Hamilton's leather version of the 1966 Pink Floyd Marquee Club poster Jeff Hamilton's leather version of the 1966 Pink Floyd Marquee Club poster