Pink Floyd - Scarecrow promo outtakes
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Some of you will be aware that once dominant news source, the legendary British Pathé have opened their archives digitally, and their 1967 film of Pink Floyd included in their regular cinema newsreels, is now available to view on Youtube.

Their description of the Floyd footage runs thus: "At an unidentified countryside location we see various shots of members of pop group Pink Floyd wandering through cornfields, looking at scarecrows and swapping hats with them, while a song from their latest LP plays on the soundtrack (they do not mime). The band members seen are Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett and Richard Wright.

"The group sit in trees, lie on the grass, pick up a scarecrow from a field and stick it in the middle of a swampy pond before a row of village houses. A bizarre bit of horseplay between Nick Mason and Roger Waters involves them pretending to have a shoot-out in slow motion; Roger 'shoots' Nick in the hand, he reacts and manages to shoot Roger who falls down dead. What crazy psychedelic kids they were!"

They have also released a selection of general outtakes, and interestingly, amongst these (around the 8 minute point) are some from the Scarecrow shoot...