Roger Waters in Italy - citizenship and monument unveiling
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Further to our story last month regarding Roger Waters visiting Aprillia in Italy, to be granted honorary citizenship and more importantly, to unveil a marble monument to his father, and all other fallen who were not able to be marked with a conventional gravestone, the ceremony took place yesterday.

Yesterday Roger laid wreaths as he unveiled the monument at the Roselli Institute in the Italian town, south of Rome, near the site of his father's death. "I'm very happy to be here," Roger said in Italian, before switching to English. "I'm extremely moved...and I'm very proud of my father. I learnt from my father the example of standing by your principles and beliefs. He thought he was fighting a necessary fight against the Nazis. I think he was too. He paid the ultimate price. [Signing up to fight] cost my father his life but secured for him a place among all the other heroes who stand up for what they know to be right."

The moving ceremony resulted in worldwide media coverage, and here is the report by Italian news organisation La Repubblica:

Here's another news report, which includes Roger's speech at the citizenship ceremony: