David Gilmour sends a Postcard for Palestine
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 26 January 2014

David Gilmour - Postcard for PalestineDavid Gilmour is the latest contributor to A Postcard for Palestine, a campaign which aims to "educate non-involved people into an awareness of the criminal occupation of Palestine by Israel with the collusion of Europe and the USA. A campaign for peace and justice."

This has been seen to be quite a divisive campaign for a number of people, as has been made clear by various reactions to some of the comments made over the last few years by Roger Waters. Going from past experience, we therefore won't enter into any email correspondence over the rights and wrongs of posting information about the campaign - we're simply pointing out David's contribution as we would any other public activities involving the different members of the Floyd.

David's contribution was submitted to them on January 6th, 2014. The organisers are inviting "voluntary submissions of designs on a postcard format, either portrait or landscape. The design could be a drawing, a painting, a photograph, a collage, a print, a poem, a song or any other medium of your choice." The contributions are then used to spread awareness of their campaign. 

For more information on their campaign, and to see other sumbissions made, visit www.apostcardforpalestine.com.