Roger Waters - The Wall on Broadway little update
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 07 December 2013

The Broadway version of "The Wall", which has been in development for quite some time now, seems to be getting closer to being realised. Written in part with "Billy Elliot" playwright Lee Hall, Roger's theatrical take on the piece seems to be progressing now that the concert tour of the album has concluded.

Back in June 2012, followed up on things to see what the situation was then. Roger: "I did meet [Lee] the last time we were in New York and we had a great dinner together, and he came to the London shows and he's still very enthusiastic and so am I, so I'm sure it's something that will happen, and I think the success of [the North American] arena and ballpark shows can only help the momentum of making something for Broadway." Earlier that year, in January, he told US radio presenter Howard Stern that the book for the production was then on draft number five, and expressed his keenness that it would happen one day.

On this week, there's a piece about Roger's use of religious symbolism in his Wall concerts, but at the conclusion of the report, there's a small but significant update. They note that "the Broadway musical version... begins workshops in January". We suspect then that the script is getting closer to a final working version, so for those eager to see just how The Wall will work in this context, with the changes (including humour) that Roger has promised, it might not be quite so long to wait now... Our thanks to Phil Beckett for his help with this story.